Lesson 2 – Hosting

Get a hosting account.

Get one of the smaller hosting packages.

I use Hostgator for hosting,


This is my affiliate link.
I will earn a small commission if you get hosting through the above link.

Whoever you host through, start with a basic hosting account.

A basic hosting account should be less than $10/month.

If you go with Hostgator, I would start with their BABY plan, NOT the hatchling plan.

For now, I would just go with Hostgator’s BABY plan.


(Again, if you decide to get hosting with GoDaddy, watch out for all of the upsells on GoDaddy’s site. They’re BRILLIANT at upsells. Often this means scrolling down the page a little and finding a little blue link that says “No Thanks! Just take me to checkout.”)

MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU: If you decide to get your domain name with Godaddy, but you get your hosting with Hostgator or a company other than GoDaddy, then you’ll need to read GoDaddy’s FAQ on how to point your domain name’s DNS servers to an external hosting company.

Here’s a video to show you how to point your nameservers to your hosting as well.

Seriously, ANYONE (except maybe people without a bank account) can complete these steps in less than two hours from the time you read this message.

Forget about what the domain name should be.

Just think of something, check that it’s available, and get it.


Either you will need to do it, or someone else will need to do it for you.

But if you are going to make money online, you need a domain and you need hosting.



Once you have taken these two steps, post a comment saying that you’ve done these steps.

If you have done this, it will also announce your domain name to the world and to the search engines.

Getting your domain out to the search engines is a VERY good thing.


You can do this!

Sorry to be harsh, but you need to be able to spend a small amount of time and money (about $20-$100 depending on what hosting you get) to get started.

This may be the only money you spend on your online business for the first year, but you absolutely need a domain and hosting.

If you do not have a domain name and a web site, then complete the steps BEFORE you read any further.



online stop sign

1. Get a domain name

2. Get hosting


3. Point your domain name’s DNS Servers at your hosting account. (See video above.)
4. Post in the comments below that you’ve had success registering your domain and hosting account.  Post your domain name below!

After you have completed these steps, continue on to Step 3

8 thoughts on “Lesson 2 – Hosting”

  1. I currently have two sites. My first which I designed to sell a diet plan can be seen at http://www.needfulthings1225.com. I started this site two weeks ago with very little direction. I signed up with another affiliate marketing training program which tought me some basics but it was very disorganized. For example, they are still asking if I have created my site which as I stated was completed two weeks ago. I also didn’t care for the program available through the training to build the site, I thought it was very limited and “quircky”… But I did learn a few things. I then went and started fresh with http://www.strivingforselfsufficiency.com. It is still very basic and needs some custimization as it was built with a “drag and drop” web site builder as well. Anyway, I obviously want to make this happen and are looking forward to the upcoming lessons.

    On another note, I am not sure what the “HTML tags” are for below, I am assuming it is to actually link the websites but I am not sure how to use them.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together, I know it is taking a lot of effort on your part Jonathan. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Jonathan for the great help. You can visit me at thebodtech.com

    Martial Arts, Nutrition and Physical Therapy


  3. hi jonathan i gone thru your video but still not clean on this,,well I registered a domain with hostgator,but its confusing to add name server ,,pls help

  4. Hi Sukumar,

    Have you been able to get this added in GoDaddy?

    Please let me know. If not, I can make a video to show you how.



  5. Hey Jonathan
    Been in my business for a long time. Im ready for a fresh website and look and want to advertise on google. Ready to expand. I don’t have time to do it myself. Suggestions on someone that can do it for me? Currently using Godaddy for everything but open to change. Thanks!

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