What Is The Best WYSIWYG Software?

Hi Jonathan

I have been enjoying your reports, they have been very helpful in getting an understanding of how making money on the internet works. I have registered a domain name and hosting through GoDaddy and am hoping to set up a website that I think services a niche interest area that is currently not all that well serviced. I keep having ideas for different sites about things that I’m interested in but am really using this first site as a way of learning how all the technical stuff works. My long term hopes with this is that I might be able to make some money out of it and I think either Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing will be the way I can achieve this. I’m hoping this would allow me to reduce the amount of hours I currently have to do, which is shift work and has a negative impact on my family.

Anyway with all that said, I thought I would ask what your thoughts are on the best WYSIWYG software out there. The simplest thing seems to be just to pay for the GoDaddy web editor, but I have some reservations due to the ongoing cost that would be involved, rather than a one off payment. I really have no technical skills, so ease of use is probably going to be my key consideration. I’m sure you have used lots of different methods, is there any you would recommend?

Thanks in advance


Hey Leo!

This is a great question!

My favorite WYSIWYG editor still remains Microsoft Front Page.

However, these days, Front Page is not available and is now called Microsoft Expression Web.  Expression Web is a good HTML editor, but is separate from Microsoft’s suite of products and has an additional cost.

I have and use Dreamweaver most often (which used to be a Macromedia product until it was purchased by Adobe).

Dreamweaver comes with the Adobe Suite, which makes it pretty expensive.

So, my favorite free editor at the moment and the one I recommend most is Kompozer.

It hasn’t been updated in a little bit, but for getting started editing web pages, Kompozer is a great free tool.
http://sourceforge.net/projects/kompozer/The video below will show you how to add a picture to a web page using a WYSIWYG editor:

Hope this is helpful for you Leo!

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