Traffic And Controlling The Flow of Website Traffic: Video 1

Welcome to the very first edition of Traffic Tuesdays with Three Money Methods.

I am your host, Jonathan Kraft, and today we’re going to be talking about traffic!

That is what we’re going to be talking about every week with Traffic Tuesdays!

Today, talking about traffic, I want to talk not about specific kinds of traffic, although we’re going to get into that a little bit, but I want to talk about the “flow” of traffic.

Now, as you read from the Three Money Methods Report, the end goal of your website is to make money!

And you read in the Three Money Methods Report that the three ways to do that are to:
1.  Sell your Stuff;
2.  Sell someone else’s Stuff;
3.  Sell Ad Space

But again, the big goal here is to make money!

You can have a passion online but you won’t be able to do it really long unless you have some money coming in from what you’re doing; and ultimately, that’s the goal is to be making some money from what you’re doing.

So over the next weeks, we’re going to be talking about all the different ways you can get traffic; through Facebook, through Twitter, through Pay-per-Click advertising, through radio and TV and newspapers and what’s known as “traditional media.”

Through user-generated content sites, like Scribd and hub pages; through video sites, like YouTube and Metacafe and Revver; through SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, getting listed in the natural search results of Google; through image search and a thousand other ways that may come up in the next weeks or months or years as you’re part of Three Money Methods. There’s always going to be a new way to get traffic.

We’ll be covering those on an on-going basis through Three Money Methods.

But here’s the philosophy and here’s the idea that I want you to think about because it’s really, really, really important.

Some people will say to me, “Hey Jonathan, you know I’ve got this great traffic thing going on through Twitter. You know I take Twitter and I sell other people’s stuff right through Twitter. Or I take my Facebook ads and I direct them right to a page where I get paid for the advertising that’s on that page.”

Lots of people are sending traffic directly to someone else’s website.

That’s a challenge.

The reason is because if their website goes down, or let’s say for whatever reason, Twitter isn’t working one day – this happened relatively recently. Let’s say Twitter isn’t working one day and suddenly your method of advertising, your method of talking to people is no longer available.

If that were to happen, what would you do – if that was your major source of getting traffic? If that was the only place you could control the traffic?

So what I want to talk to you about is a philosophy which says, you have to have some space online that you control.  A space where all of your stuff, all of the methods of traffic, go through this space.

I’m not talking about a hub page, or a Squidoo page or something like that – you do not control that page.

I’m talking about your own hosting account and at the very least, your own domain.

I’ve got some recommendations for who I use below the video here and if you sign-up through them, you’ll be signing up through my Affiliate Links and yes, I’ll make a little bit of money on that; and that’s fine if you don’t, go sign-up with somebody else if you don’t sign-up through my links, that’s fine.

But the philosophy is you have to control the space!

You have to control the traffic! And the way that the traffic is being directed, because if you don’t, let’s say one day, YouTube and Metacafe decide to stop accepting videos – they’ve got enough videos and they don’t accept them anymore; and that’s been your major source of traffic!

You’ve been directing traffic directly without sending them through some way to capture their name and email or at least building a brand that people know to come to get you, to get the things that you do. If you do not have a way to control where people are coming through, your business can die in a second!

I mean just like that – it can just be gone!

So I want to talk to you to make sure that you understand — if you don’t do this it’s ok, but …. it’s really not ok!

My recommendation is get a domain and get web hosting set up; you have to control the place that you’re driving the traffic back to. You have to own that domain and you have to have some level of hosting.

You can get hosting really cheap, $50 a year. You can get a domain really cheap, $10 a year. That’s an investment that you’ll need to make in your business. And I really, really, really recommend it!

So, we’re going to be back next week with another Traffic Tuesday to talk about:

– selling your stuff
– selling someone else’s stuff
– selling ad space.

We’re going to talk about all these different methods of getting traffic.

But really, philosophically, this is huge; get a domain and get hosting set up!

Do it this week, don’t wait! Get it done!

You then control the flow of the traffic in where the eyeballs go. So if any of these things shut down or if any of these things on this side change, at least you have something in the middle that you control.

I’ve been doing business online for eight years; I used to send traffic directly this way – it’s not a good idea for that to be your sole source of stuff!

Drive traffic through a page that you control and own.

Yes, it will mean you need to learn something.

But really, really go do it! Go do it this week, don’t wait.

And we will see you next week in the Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays which will be coming at you with some awesome free information about how to get free traffic to your website and make more money either by selling your stuff, selling someone else’s stuff or selling ad space.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next week back here at Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.


– your own hosting account through Powweb
your own domain through GoDaddy


6 thoughts on “Traffic And Controlling The Flow of Website Traffic: Video 1”

  1. Nice explanation Jonathan,
    You must also mention another option (free webhosting), just to minimize the investment.
    For newbies they can buy the domain & start to use the free webhosting service (with limited features). When they can handle some basic technicalities comfortably, and also if they have more traffic that can’t be handled with the free features, they can start to use paid webhosting service.

    Take care.
    .-= Rino´s last blog ..svb: RT @TopsyRT: Twitter goldrush on the way. Old usernames to be released =-.

  2. Rino,

    I agree in part, because I started with free web hosting with GeoCities. But here’s the problem.

    The point is to control the flow of the traffic through your web site. If you use free hosting, you don’t own your content. Your web site can be shut down at any time. (Geocities shut down a few of my sites back in 2001 when they started getting too much traffic for the free level of hosting I had.)

    I know $70-$120 can be a lot of money for some people… ($100 was A LOT of money to me when I got my first domain and hosting back in January 2002) but that’s the cost to have your own hosting and your own domain. And that’s to run a business for an entire year.

    If you wanted to run any other kind of business (even a hot dog stand on the corner, or be an independent real estate agent), your basic costs would be at least $1,000 just to get started.

    So, I think people can have free hosting just for the purposes of learning, but I don’t think it’s a good idea from a business standpoint.



  3. Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for another video with some great content. I agree it’s super important to own your own domain name if you’re starting any kind of online business. I also think everyone should definitely grab their own name as a domain name, both to keep any options open to them in the future, and to have a great email address!

    One thing your readers may be interested in (and you may have talked about this previously and I just missed it) is This is an auction site for not just domain names, but also a website to go with them. Some can be had for under $50!

    Thanks again for the great content, and I look forward to the next video.
    .-= Rob Mouritsen´s last blog ..Welome To The Personal Blog of Rob Mouritsen =-.

  4. Hey Rob!

    I hadn’t mentioned, so thanks for suggesting that. I’ll go check it out as well, as I’ve never been there, but have had success buying inexpensive websites before.

    In general, here are the criteria for how to pick a great domain name. It should be:

    * Short
    * Memorable
    * Pronounceable
    * Easily Spelled (a single way)
    * Descriptive or Brandable
    * No hyphens or numbers
    * Multiple extensions available including .com (.info, .net, etc.)
    * Easily typed
    * Inoffensive (or offensive if you want to go that route)

    Here are my favorite domain name research tools:


    Short Domain Name Tools


    Expired Domain Tools


    Premium Domain Names


    Right now, my favorite of these is the advanced search at:

    Thanks again for the suggestion Rob!



  5. Hey Jonathan,
    I’m new to this so much interested in Google advertising and clicks for payment and how much Google paid for a click on their advert please can you explain or send me a youtube clip that we explain in detail thank you:)

  6. Hi Miralem, Sorry for my delayed reply. Can you be more specific about what you would like to know? I will be happy to help… just want to know how I can help specifically. Thank-you!


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