Lesson 1 – URL/Domain Name

Get your domain name.



In this initial phase, (with just getting started online), you may have some of these questions:

  • What web site address (also known as a domain/URL) should I register?
  • Do the domains need keywords?
  • What are the best domains?
  • Where do I get web hosting?
  • What’s the difference between web hosting and a domain name?

Forget all those questions for now.


Just go and get a domain name (A.K.A. a web site address).

It doesn’t even matter what you choose.

Just pick one (for now).

If you don’t know what domain you should get, or if the one you want is taken, then choose something else.

The MAJOR reason you are getting this domain is simply to learn the process of HOW to buy a domain.

And to get moving.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.
An object at rest tends to stay at rest.
This isn’t some hypey pep-talk, it’s simple facts.

Go get your domain.  Do it now.

If you get your domain through GoDaddy, use this link (if you want to)


That IS my affiliate link.
I will earn a small commission if you buy through that link.

If you don’t want to buy through my link, you can go directly to GoDaddy.

The link will give you a coupon code which will mean (depending on the promotion they’re running at the time) you’ll spend about $10-$14/year for the domain.


That’s a VERY inexpensive lesson to learn how to register a domain.

(Watch out for all of the upsells on GoDaddy’s site. They’re BRILLIANT at upsells.  Video above will help.)

Go get your domain.

Do that first.


Then go on to:

Lesson 2 – Hosting —>

10 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – URL/Domain Name”

  1. Hi Jonathan, just wanted to show the two sites that I have. I purchased them about three months ago useing another marketing online course that I have. Then I got a mental block ( something to do with my age I think…70yrs old ) and did nothing else, but with your help I’m ready to continue. I have the web sites and I have hosting, however I might change my hosting if you could help me with that.

  2. Hey Victor! I can definitely help you with that. Do you know how much you’re paying for hosting now?

    Age is definitely relative! Congrats to you for doing something youthful and deciding to start new and learn something compeltely new for you!

    Just so that there are links to both of your sites from here, here they are:


    Thank-you Victor! I’ll be in touch with more details shortly.

  3. Then I would recommend you stay there with your hosting for now, if you feel your hosting is good and gives you all the services you want. So what is your biggest struggle right now in getting going online? How can I help you best?

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Will there be any cost for “your” course down the road at any time? Althought the hosting is free the course isn’t, so it may be a better idea to drop the course and just buy hosting.

  5. Hey Victor!

    I currently do not have anything to sell to people at ThreeMoneyMethods.com. I should have products, but I don’t right now. Everything I share here at the moment is free. That is likely to change as I do want to offer people services they want and need, and earn from helping them. But again, right now, I have no products in the Internet Marketing world.

  6. One company can do both hosting and domains. You could have your hosting and your domain with GoDaddy, for example. I don’t because I started registering domains at a different time than I did my hosting. But if you host and have your domain with the same company, you won’t need to set the nameservers as they will handle that step for you (most often).

  7. hi jonathan,
    thank you for this guide,but i am sorry, i already have a website before seeing your mail,I’ll go further.

  8. Glad to hear you already have your site! Looking forward to getting more videos up to be of more help for you!

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