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How To Upload Videos To Multiple Sites Using Tubemogul

Today we’re going to be talking about online video distribution.

Here’s the concept I want you to remember, which is, if you can have as many different distribution points for your content as possible, that is all the better!

There are a lot of people who are concerned about duplicate content penalties in Google and that kind of thing; my perspective on that is if I can get video or audio content, article content is different, but if I can get video or audio content in as many places as possible, that’s as good for me as it can be. Because not everyone uses YouTube, lots of people do, but not everyone does; and not everyone uses MySpace, or not everyone uses Facebook or not everyone uses Twitter.

So if you can find a way to get your content out and get it out in as many different places as possible that will result in the most traffic actually coming back to your website.

On your web site is where you can decide what users are actually going to do. Either building a list or sending them on to an affiliate offer or having them click on an AdSense ad, whatever.

So I want to talk today about video distribution. My favorite, favorite tool for video distribution is TubeMogul.com. Basically the idea with TubeMogul is, you go and upload your video once and they take care of uploading it to all the other websites for you. Not “all the other,” but I think they have 15 or 20 in there now. What you have to do is go register at the various different websites that offer video; so you have like MySpace and YouTube and Break.com and Howcast.com. You have to go register and sign up at these various websites. Once you’ve gone and signed up at those, you give your username and password to TubeMogul – you sign up for TubeMogul and then you give that username and password to those various sites to TubeMogul and they handle uploading your video to all these different sites for you so that you don’t have to do that.

There are other tools that will do this as well, it’s just that TubeMogul is free and I think it works very effectively and it does all kinds of tracking for you too.

So I’m going to go show you how this works. I’m going to go ahead and log into my TubeMogul account here and once I’m logged in, they have all kinds of options for me, but the one I’m going to chose here is “Upload a Video.” I’ll go ahead and click “To Upload” and you choose which ever video you want to upload. So I’m going to go ahead and “Browse” and I just made a video today – we’re going to cover how to do video in a different how to do video and tips and tricks for video in a different Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesday.

But what I want to do here is just show you how this distribution works. Now I’m going to go ahead and upload it. Now while I’m uploading the video, I’ve got a really fast upload speed here which is really nice, you can describe your video. Well this one is about “Green Jobs: How to Create Green Jobs.” Here’s what I always do, when I’m writing the description for the video, I always put in http://www. and then whatever website I’m trying to drive traffic back to. Because this actually on YouTube and a couple of other video sites, this will turn into an active link.

I’ll show you that here on one of the videos that I have on YouTube; here’s a video I made on YouTube about Grow Tomato Plants in Milk Jugs: Growing Apartment Tomatoes and this is how to grow tomatoes in milk jugs in your apartment. But because on the left I’ve got the description of the video and I put http://www. it turns into an active link from YouTube. So if I click this link here, it will actually open a new window and take me directly to my website, Green Joyment.

So you want to make sure that when you are doing descriptions for the video inside of TubeMogul, you always include the web address. I always leave a space in here too – not always, but most of the time, I leave a space in here. That’s what the video covers, I also  generally, depending on how long of a description I’ve written, I will copy the web address and put it at the bottom as well. And people might go, well, isn’t that spamming? I don’t know; it doesn’t seem to prevent any of these guys from accepting my video so I don’t really worry about it.

“Green” … “go green” … “green jobs” … “jobs employment.” Now the video is already uploaded here. I’m going to go ahead and select a category; this is instructional, How to, DYI – we’ll go “Upload” (DYI is Do it Yourself, by the way if you didn’t know that). Here are my logins for these various websites, of course I’m not going to show you my password; but look, down at the bottom, all I do is click “Launch” and I haven’t added Twitter even, that’s new since the last time I was in here. But if I click “Launch” what it does is it goes ahead and takes this video and submits it out to all of these different websites: YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, MySpace, MetaCafe, Blip.tv, Veoh, Break, eBaums World, StupidVideos and Howcast.

So with one upload and one button push, my video is now being distributed to all of these different websites. I can go to those websites and change the description on those different websites of this video if I want to do that – I may do that with a video that starts getting a good amount of traffic; or a video that I know is going to get some good traffic because I’ve done the keyword research to find out.

But this is easy!

All you have to do is upload the video once and press submit; once you’ve got your setups for these different websites, once you’ve already signed up for these different sites, you give that info to TubeMogul and then it basically takes care of uploading and managing that connection for you so that your video goes in there and it’s just done on all of these different websites.

So, your homework from this video; go sign up for all of these different sites. If you’ve already got a YouTube account, that’s great! Go sign up for DailyMotion, Yahoo Video, MySpace; you may have a MySpace account but you haven’t used in years because it’s the “ghetto” of the internet at the moment, but it’s still a great place to have your content because some people are still using it and it’s picking back up. I think MySpace is doing a lot of things to try and get traffic back in there.

Just go sign up for all these different websites; come back and put your username and password in for those sites at TubeMogul here and that will let you submit your video once and then upload it to all these different video websites.

Also, one great, great, great tool, and I’ve linked to it below the video here with a discount code for going and signing up for all these sites, is RoboForm. RoboForm costs $30; it’s the best $30 I spent in 2006 – hard to believe it’s been that long! But it saves me so much time – I guess it was 2007, it was 2007. It saves me so much time on a daily basis and I’ve got a discount code right below here and yes that is an affiliate link. Yes, I will make some money if you click through the link to go to RoboForm, but I highly recommend it. It has saved me so much time and effort and energy! And yes, I’ve tried the other free password form fillers and I still like RoboForm much better.

Especially when I can get it at the discount rate of $24.

So – your homework, go signup for these sites; use RoboForm to do it, it will save you a lot of time and look forward to seeing you back here next week for the next Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesday!

RoboForm Password Filler


Basic Overview What Is Adwords? Wallet Example Of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Welcome back to another edition of Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.

I’m your host Jonathan Kraft.

I was talking with someone recently from the Three Money Methods community and who asking me, “you did a really basic explanation of Adsense; but you never did a basic explanation of Adwords.”

And I thought, well there are all these other great people out there who are talking about Adwords and know way more about it than I do, but I’ll do one anyway, just to help people maybe try and break it down really simply.

I’ve also posted a video right below here (from Google actually) about how Adwords works.

Adwords — (my understanding of Adwords anyway) and ways to bring traffic to your websites.

So you have a product or a service – let’s pick an actual, real-world example; so let’s say you sell wallets – I don’t know I’m just making this stuff up! But let’s just say you sell wallets.

So if I’m looking for a wallet on Google or wherever, I might go in and type in the words, “leather wallet,” “women’s wallet,” “men’s wallet;” a whole bunch of other stuff.

I may use all kinds of keywords to describe what I’m looking for.

One of the very cool things, I just moved this to the left here because I think it’s going to work better over there, one of the very cool things about internet technology that is so different than any other sort of advertising that existed before it is that you can target the person who’s looking for wallets.

You can make an ad specific to the person who’s looking for a leather wallet.

You can make an ad specific to the person who’s looking for a women’s wallet.

You can make an ad specific to the person who’s looking for a men’s wallet.

These are different kinds of customers.

What’s really cool is then you can write an ad specific to the wallet person, “Wallets are the Best with Us. Click here!”

That kind of person is going to have a different sort of reaction to this page, if you have different pages on your website, is going to have a different kind of reaction.

So for example, a women’s wallet or a men’s wallet – if you have an ad advertising men’s wallets to somebody looking for a women’s wallet, that’s not going to work.

So you want to have a specific ad that is targeted to someone looking for a women’s wallet and a specific ad that is targeted to someone who’s looking for a men’s wallet.

So your ad would be here; you would take those people to different kinds of landing pages; because if I’m looking for a men’s wallet, you don’t want to take me to your general wallets page. If I’m looking for a women’s wallet, you don’t want to take me to your men’s wallet page, right? You want to take me to a specific page that’s targeted to what I’m looking for.

What Adwords allows you to do is to write ads that are targeted to specific keyword searches and then send those people along to pages that are specific to what they were looking for to begin with.

It’s a really cool system and a really cool setup.

There are other kinds of things you can do as well. You can say, ok, someone who is looking for wallets, are they going to respond to “wallets are the best with us” or are they going to respond to “you can find the best wallet here! Click here.”

Which one of those sets of copy are they most likely to respond to? You can test all of that stuff inside of Adwords. It’s just amazing the amount of things that you can actually test to see what works.

And then yes, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to your webpage; you pay per click.

That’s what’s called Pay per Click marketing, PPC marketing. Adwords is a form of Pay per Click marketing.

There are other kinds of things that you can do inside of Adwords as well. But just to give you a basic overview, this is how Adwords works.

Let’s use our example of Adwords here and I have done a search on Google here for wallets and you can see Herbergers.com is advertising, so is Macy’s, so is MyBuxtonWallet.com; there’s a bunch of people advertising on the right too, “High quality leather wallets for the guy on a budget.”

If I’m a woman looking for a wallet, this advertisement probably doesn’t appeal to me that much. But if I’m a guy looking for a wallet, that advertisement probably appeals to me more than just “general wallet.”

So let’s look for men’s wallets.

You can see there’s a different set of people who come up for men’s wallets. Bloomingdale’s is advertising using “Men’s Designer Wallets,” TUMI is advertising using “Men’s Wallets;” Brooks Brothers is not using “Men’s Wallets.”

So it’s probably more likely, if I searched for “men’s wallets,” that my ad would be more likely to be clicked on if I actually used the keywords they used when they were looking in the search results (whoever was looking).

Now “Men’s Accessories from $20” probably doesn’t get as many clicks as “Men’s Wallets.”

“Men’s Leather Wallets” at Wallet Gear: “Hard to find men’s wallets for the guy on a budget.” That probably gets pretty good click-through. They may not be at the top of the search results because they don’t want to be at the top of the search results.  The people who are at the very top of the search results are (generally) paying the most and may not be getting the most return for their money.

My guess, based on just looking at these because it’s got the most stuff around it, they use Google Checkout, they have a $5 off deal here because they use Google Checkout, and this ad is probably getting the most clicks.

Let’s go back and do one more search here just to show how this targeting could actually work.

Let’s look for “women’s wallets” and see what else comes up.

I don’t think it’s very good here. You have J.Crew who is advertising in the Number 1 spot, talking about “Great Looks for Summer and New Arrivals for Him and Crewcuts.”

I don’t think that if I’m looking for “women’s wallets” this is what I want.

I’m not sure why J.Crew is coming up in the number 1 spot; probably because they’re bidding the most.

They’re probably paying too much per click and they’re probably not getting targeted customers coming to their page.

Tusk.com – again, they’re running an ad for “Men’s Designer Wallets” when I Googled “women’s wallets.” Am I likely, as a woman, to click on this ad? Probably not!

But Macy’s now, “Women’s Wallets at Macy’s,” Macys.com/womenswallets. “Shop Women’s Wallets at Macy’s. Free Shipping with $99 order.”

So they are doing a bunch of different things in that ad; we’re not going to go through all of that. But you can see that if you target an ad to a specific kind of search, you’re going to get better results.

I don’t want to click on any of these advertisers, but I would like to show you some advertiser’s landing pages. We’re going to go to the LizClaiborne.com/wallets just to see what’s on this page. But remember, I looked for “women’s wallets” and this is the page that I’m ending up on. What’s fascinating is … check this out! I go to the display URL that they had in their ad, LizClaiborne.com/wallets … “sorry, this page cannot be found.” If I had actually clicked on the ad, sorry Liz Claiborne, I’m going to cost you some money; we’re actually to go see what page this takes them to.

I’m going to click on this ad and see what page it actually takes them to.

But shouldn’t they have their display ad actually take you to a page?

I just typed in the URL; anyway, whole other topic!

The point of this is to go into a very specific topic about women’s wallets. But why wouldn’t they call this page, “Women’s Wallets,” and have a page specific to the keyword term “women’s wallets;” so that when I’m on this page, the first thing I see is wallets for women!

And maybe Liz Claiborne only sells wallets for women, I really don’t know. But you can target specific to the market that you are trying to attract and you can then sell very well to a specific market based on actually targeting the keyword search from the beginning.

You can target “leather wallet” or “men’s wallet” or “women’s wallet” or whatever is in your market.

Google gives you all kinds of tools to help you generate massive lists of keywords. I’ve put a couple of videos right below the video here to help you understand Google Adwords as well as a couple little tips.

I think I put a video here right below from Glenn Livingston about how to find your keyword ad groups.

But this is basically the idea of how Adwords works.

You can target:

– a specific keyword searcher
– for a specific result
– so you can actually help them find exactly what they’re looking for
– from start to finish

I hope you understand Adwords maybe a little bit differently, or a little better than you did before.

Please come back and visit us next week; I’m going to talk about something I know a little more about which is actually getting traffic to your website through a variety of different methods and getting free traffic to your website!

So we’ll be talking about that next week in Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.

Thank you very much for visiting us at ThreeMoneyMethods.com!

Explanation from Google Adwords


Traffic And Controlling The Flow of Website Traffic: Video 2

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.

This is Jonathan Kraft and today we’re talking in response to last week’s video where I was talking about traffic. We were talking about all the different traffic methods, if you remember from last week.

If you didn’t see the video from last week, I’ve got a link to it right here.

This week’s video:

All these different methods you know, MySpace, YouTube, Scribd, radio; remember I had all those different things on this side – all the different ways of getting traffic and then we had the webpage in the middle and over here we had the three ways of making money online … selling your stuff.

Someone sent an email and said, “hey Jonathan, I don’t want to have my own website. I don’t want to put up all this content and have people coming to it.  I just want to sell other people’s stuff!”

That is fantastic!

But you still need hosting and you need a domain!

And here’s why, for the exact same reasons we talked about last week;
– if one of these methods goes away for you,
– if the ad space company that is paying you for the traffic you’re driving shuts down
– if you’re selling someone else’s product and they change the payment terms on it
– you’re selling your stuff but you suddenly want to sell something different than what you’re selling

The easiest way to switch what you’re doing is to have it all run through something that you control really effectively.

In order to do that, you need to have your own hosting account and your own domain.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t have to put up any real content there, you can just take the traffic and drive it through a redirect page.

A “redirect page” – I’ll show you an example of a redirect here – but all a redirect page is a page you control where the traffic is going and then it just redirects it right along.

So for example, last week in the video, I showed my redirect link for domain names. That redirect link was http://www.threemoneymethods.com/ideas/domain.

if you remember, that was in the video from last week.  Watch what happens when I press “enter” on this or when I click the “go” arrow over here, I want you to watch what happens.

I press “go” and it takes me directly to GoDaddy!

That is where you will be redirected to if you want to buy a domain.

But what just happened in that process is I sent you through a redirect which “cookied” your computer for GoDaddy for me as having referred you to GoDaddy.

So if all you were doing was sending people through a redirect, that would still be better than not sending through a redirect — if you’re just sending them right here.

Let’s say for whatever reason, GoDaddy decides to shut me off as an affiliate; I don’t know why in the world they would do that, but that happens sometimes.

Or GoDaddy decides to turn off their affiliate program.

Commission Junction decided to do this, I was sending lots of people to signup for their affiliate program and they decided to stop paying me for sending people to their affiliate program.

Now I still recommend you go signup for Commission Junction as an affiliate, but I don’t get paid for that anymore; that link that’s still there — I still drive it to Commission Junction.

But let’s say there’s somebody I liked better that I told you that you should go signup for these guys; instead of changing out every link I’ve ever created to this whatever – selling ad space, selling someone else’s stuff or selling your stuff, all I do is change out the redirect!

That’s one simple example of why you need to have your own hosting and your own domain.

There are a lot of other reasons; one of the primary ones being that you should be building a list of people who are interested in the kinds of things that you have to offer, because it gives you a way to keep offering them more stuff.

It’s ten times more effective to re-convert someone who’s bought from you in the past, or someone who knows you from the past, than to try and convert someone new.

So you should be collecting names and emails here.

There are a hundred other reasons why you should have your own hosting and your own domain; those are just two of the reasons.

I think I didn’t explain that well enough last week in the video and so I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope I’ve really driven this point home.

You have to have your own hosting; you have to have your own domain.

If you want to buy it through my links, great!

If you don’t, great! I’d rather you buy it through my links, but if you don’t that’s ok too.

Just make sure you get your own hosting, get your own domain and get it done … get it done today!

You will have to learn and it will probably be frustrating in the process.

But if you get your domain and your hosting through GoDaddy, they have really helpful customer support, and if you buy them through my links, great.

Really, they will help you to get this stuff set up.

Yes, it will be frustrating; yes, you will have to learn and yes the process is part of the journey and that’s a whole other topic we can get into.

Get your own hosting; get your own domain!

We’ll see you back next week for another week of Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesday!

I promise next week we’re going to talk about this stuff over here. But this point is so important that I devoted two weeks to it. You’ve got to get this stuff done! You’ve got to have your own hosting and domain.

You’ve got to be driving traffic through there!

So, thank you very much! I’m your host Jonathan Kraft. Come back next week for Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.

We’ll look forward to seeing you back here next week.

Talk with you soon!

– your own hosting account through Powweb
your own domain through GoDaddy


Traffic And Controlling The Flow of Website Traffic: Video 1

Welcome to the very first edition of Traffic Tuesdays with Three Money Methods.

I am your host, Jonathan Kraft, and today we’re going to be talking about traffic!

That is what we’re going to be talking about every week with Traffic Tuesdays!

Today, talking about traffic, I want to talk not about specific kinds of traffic, although we’re going to get into that a little bit, but I want to talk about the “flow” of traffic.

Now, as you read from the Three Money Methods Report, the end goal of your website is to make money!

And you read in the Three Money Methods Report that the three ways to do that are to:
1.  Sell your Stuff;
2.  Sell someone else’s Stuff;
3.  Sell Ad Space

But again, the big goal here is to make money!

You can have a passion online but you won’t be able to do it really long unless you have some money coming in from what you’re doing; and ultimately, that’s the goal is to be making some money from what you’re doing.

So over the next weeks, we’re going to be talking about all the different ways you can get traffic; through Facebook, through Twitter, through Pay-per-Click advertising, through radio and TV and newspapers and what’s known as “traditional media.”

Through user-generated content sites, like Scribd and hub pages; through video sites, like YouTube and Metacafe and Revver; through SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, getting listed in the natural search results of Google; through image search and a thousand other ways that may come up in the next weeks or months or years as you’re part of Three Money Methods. There’s always going to be a new way to get traffic.

We’ll be covering those on an on-going basis through Three Money Methods.

But here’s the philosophy and here’s the idea that I want you to think about because it’s really, really, really important.

Some people will say to me, “Hey Jonathan, you know I’ve got this great traffic thing going on through Twitter. You know I take Twitter and I sell other people’s stuff right through Twitter. Or I take my Facebook ads and I direct them right to a page where I get paid for the advertising that’s on that page.”

Lots of people are sending traffic directly to someone else’s website.

That’s a challenge.

The reason is because if their website goes down, or let’s say for whatever reason, Twitter isn’t working one day – this happened relatively recently. Let’s say Twitter isn’t working one day and suddenly your method of advertising, your method of talking to people is no longer available.

If that were to happen, what would you do – if that was your major source of getting traffic? If that was the only place you could control the traffic?

So what I want to talk to you about is a philosophy which says, you have to have some space online that you control.  A space where all of your stuff, all of the methods of traffic, go through this space.

I’m not talking about a hub page, or a Squidoo page or something like that – you do not control that page.

I’m talking about your own hosting account and at the very least, your own domain.

I’ve got some recommendations for who I use below the video here and if you sign-up through them, you’ll be signing up through my Affiliate Links and yes, I’ll make a little bit of money on that; and that’s fine if you don’t, go sign-up with somebody else if you don’t sign-up through my links, that’s fine.

But the philosophy is you have to control the space!

You have to control the traffic! And the way that the traffic is being directed, because if you don’t, let’s say one day, YouTube and Metacafe decide to stop accepting videos – they’ve got enough videos and they don’t accept them anymore; and that’s been your major source of traffic!

You’ve been directing traffic directly without sending them through some way to capture their name and email or at least building a brand that people know to come to get you, to get the things that you do. If you do not have a way to control where people are coming through, your business can die in a second!

I mean just like that – it can just be gone!

So I want to talk to you to make sure that you understand — if you don’t do this it’s ok, but …. it’s really not ok!

My recommendation is get a domain and get web hosting set up; you have to control the place that you’re driving the traffic back to. You have to own that domain and you have to have some level of hosting.

You can get hosting really cheap, $50 a year. You can get a domain really cheap, $10 a year. That’s an investment that you’ll need to make in your business. And I really, really, really recommend it!

So, we’re going to be back next week with another Traffic Tuesday to talk about:

– selling your stuff
– selling someone else’s stuff
– selling ad space.

We’re going to talk about all these different methods of getting traffic.

But really, philosophically, this is huge; get a domain and get hosting set up!

Do it this week, don’t wait! Get it done!

You then control the flow of the traffic in where the eyeballs go. So if any of these things shut down or if any of these things on this side change, at least you have something in the middle that you control.

I’ve been doing business online for eight years; I used to send traffic directly this way – it’s not a good idea for that to be your sole source of stuff!

Drive traffic through a page that you control and own.

Yes, it will mean you need to learn something.

But really, really go do it! Go do it this week, don’t wait.

And we will see you next week in the Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays which will be coming at you with some awesome free information about how to get free traffic to your website and make more money either by selling your stuff, selling someone else’s stuff or selling ad space.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next week back here at Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays.


– your own hosting account through Powweb
your own domain through GoDaddy