Lesson 18 – Analytics And Tracking

You can make something better, make more money, and help more people.

You can improve it if you analyze it.

You can analyze it if you measure it.

You can measure it if you track it.

You can track it if…

If what?

Have you ever heard of the Overnight Success20 Year Strategy“?

You know – the one where the interviewer asks the “uber successful”
entrepreneur: “How does it feel to be an overnight success?”

And they candidly confess that if by overnight they mean 20 years
of nights & days, weeks & months, well if that’s what they mean by
overnight – then ya – it feels great!

But even with this strategy it begs the question, is time the only
variable to success. If so, why isn’t everyone successful? And
when we dig deeper we discover, without exception that the
strategy was quite simple really…

Set a goal, take action, pay attention to what’s working and
what’s not
, and continue to refine your approach.

… Simple – yet so rarely practiced. In fact when we see this
approach applied to business marketing strategies, we continue
to see marketing home runs and ultimate success!

But how do we go about paying attention to marketing? How do
we really understand what’s working and what’s a waste of
precious time? And when we see what’s not working, how do
we decide what to do about it?

Enter… Google Analytics. This powerful measurement tool can
provide infinite valuable data to your business and your success.

Get Google Analytics set up on your site:

Learn what you need to know to profit via Google Analytics

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