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Blog Commenting: Video 1

Alright, so here is a quick video about how and why you want to do blog commenting. So basically, here’s the idea. Lots and lots of people have blogs, in whatever industry or arena you are working inside of. In this case, I’m going to show marketing blogs, but you could do whatever you wanted to do as far as whatever your industry is in going and commenting on other people’s blogs.

So what I did was I actually hired somebody to go and to find blogs dealing with marketing. They went out and found all these different websites; they came back with a list of the Top 200 websites in terms of traffic and ranking for me and I loaded them into a Google Reader account.

So I’m going to go in and log into my gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account, you could set this up on your own, get a gmail account which is free.

But basically all I did was … I went in and set up an account for our Three Money Methods site.

If I click on “Reader” once I’m logged in here, by the way, don’t send email to ThreeMoneyMethods at gmail.com because I won’t get it – I just don’t check this account for anything. But if you click on Reader inside of here, I’ve loaded all of the blogs in here. I actually had somebody go in and add subscriptions to all of these blogs. So they just went through one by one and added subscriptions to the blogs.

So I can click on “All Items” inside of here and I can read the most recent posts, today’s a Saturday, so there won’t be many that are too recent, but I can read the most recent posts about whatever people are talking about within the marketing arena.

So, “Which CMS do you use?” Which Content Management System do you use? I’ll go ahead and open the link in a new tab and scroll down here; I’ve got a new tab opening at the moment; “Giving Affiliate Marketing another Go,” this is a guy who’s trying to do Affiliate Marketing, I’m opening that in a new tab, “AffMeter List of Supported Affiliate Networks Grows” … “Photos from my 27th Birthday” … ok, maybe we’ll post something in there … “Learning Specificity in Marketing.” Ok, I’ve got four tabs open now; you can see these here, “Which CMS?” “Giving Affiliate Marketing another Go.”

So, I’m going to go ahead and go to the first one here, “Which CMS do you use?” Inside of here, “Which CMS do you use,” people use WordPress, blah, blah, blah. I’ve already commented on this site, so you can see that my information is already in here. “Hey, I use Movable Type and WordPress. I like Movable Type because it allows multiple websites from one installation, but I like WordPress because there are so many great tools for it that people have created.”

Maybe you don’t know anything about Content Management Systems; so read the post and learn about it from whatever they’re saying here and then comment something that’s relevant to the discussion that’s going on. I just happen to know already the answer to the question, “What CMS do you use,” so I’m going to go ahead and post this comment. “Thanks for talking about your WordPress experience though. Good to know why other people choose the CMS that they do. Warmest, Jonathan.”

Sometimes, if I’ve commented on a website before, I will put my web address actually in the comments if I know that it’s going to show up on the website. If I don’t know that it’s going to show up on the website, I won’t put my web address in here because I’ve already had the opportunity to put it in up here. I’m just going to shorten this down, MoneyMethods online and that’s it. “I use Movable Type and WordPress, blah, blah, blah.” I’m going to go ahead and “Submit Comment.”

I’m going to do the same thing on this post, on this post, on this post and on as many other posts as I can, or want to, inside of here. Now again, you want to actually make comments that are relevant to what people are talking about. Number one, you’re building relationships with all the top people in your arena and number two; you are posting links to bring people back to your website. But first and foremost, you’re building relationships! So you want actually to post something that’s relevant to what they’re saying inside of their post.

The reason I want to show you this here is if I go into my Google Analytics account, I can show you the difference between posting blog comments and not posting blog comments.

So I’m going to go log-in to Google Analytics here and we’re looking at Three Money Methods inside of Google Analytics and this is just referring sites that referred people just to the front page of ThreeMoneyMethods.com. Inside of here, you can see, I’ve got pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic (laughs), pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic; all this no traffic, no traffic, no traffic. Hey, then one day it jumps to five and three and three, and look at this! Thirteen visits and the vast majority of this is coming from blog commenting! All I did was go post some comments on other people’s well-trafficked websites, to actually add some conversation to the discussion and become part of what’s going on in the community.

I posted this day, I posted this day, posted blog comments. I don’t even think I posted any on this day and I didn’t post any on this day. But hey, look! I posted a bunch this day and I brought in 20 visitors basically to my website that day. I didn’t post any Thursday and I didn’t post any on Friday, but I’m still picking up residual traffic from the work I did on Wednesday!

All you have to do to bring people to your website is go and post comments on other people’s websites that are already getting traffic! Become part of the conversation of what’s going on in your industry and your arena and you can actually bring traffic back to your website to get them to do whatever you want them to do on your website!

Now the only thing you can do on Three Money Methods, when people come to this page, the only thing they can do is actually put their name and email in; they either go away or they put their name and email in; now I’ve done that on purpose. But whatever goal it is that you have for your website, you can use blog commenting just to bring people to the website.

So here’s the deal; I have three different lists that I have put together – the top 200 blogs. I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “green,” I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “travel” and I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “marketing.” If you will come to ThreeMoneyMethods.com and put your name and email in, I will give you what’s called an OPML feed to just upload automatically into your Google Reader; so you don’t have to go through the process of hiring somebody to find the top 200-250 blogs and then put them into your Google Reader, all you have to do is download one file from Three Money Methods website after you put your name and email in, just download this file and then upload it into your Google Reader and you’ll have all of those blogs already sitting in your Google Reader for free, from me just in exchange for putting your name and email in here at ThreeMoneyMethods.com.

Go ahead and come to the website – I hope this tip has been very helpful for you. Posting comments on other people’s blogs is a great way to find out what’s going on in your industry and your arena and it’s also a great way to get people back to your website to do whatever you want them to do once they’ve actually come to you to find out more information about what it is that you do.

So, I hope this has been very helpful — definitely come visit us at Three Money Methods for more great tips about how to do online marketing!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch this video.