Lesson 8 – Putting Together The Information

At this point, your page may not look that great.

The page www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com, is probably not what you envisioned when building a web site on the Internet.

But you are just beginning.

So be patient with yourself.

It grows from here.

We will make it LOOK good too.

But not yet.

What we are going to do now is take the link you’ve built to Google, and actually point it to a page on your site.

But your site only has one page… index.html.

So, in order to do this, we need to build another page.

On your page, you currently have a sentence like “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” with <a href=”http://www.Google.com”>SOME WORD(s)</a> being the link.
(When building HTML code, you’ll use < > to separate the code.)

But we’re going to add another page to your site now.

Go ahead and build a new page. Call it whatever you want. You could call it the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html

I promise you this will save you a lot of time and frustration.
(Also, just from a search engine standpoint, if you can use dashes instead of underscores, you are much better off.)

There’s a good SEO (search engine) reason to use dashes that we’ll get into later, but use dashes to separate your words in the filename, and use a keyword-rich (not spammy) filename like the one we just did: the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html
How to link to a web page

  • Save that page (called the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html)
  • Upload the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html
  • Link to the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html from index.html.
  • Use the text “The Quick Brown Fox” (or whatever you used) to do this link.
  • Upload index.html.
  • Go look at www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com/index.html and refresh the page.
  • Make sure your link to the page the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html actually works.

Go do it!


Okay… now, people are going to be able to get to the page called the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html.

BUT HOW are they going to get back to the main page of your site?

You need another link.

How to link between web pages

  • Open the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html in your WYSIWYG editor.
  • Link it back to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com/index.html, or www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com.
  • Upload the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html.
  • Click to refresh the page.
  • Make sure the link you just built goes back to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com, or index.html.

Go do it!

Okay, so you’ve skipped ahead, and you’re reading this part without having done the above.

Quit skipping ahead!

Go back.  Go and do the steps above.


You’ve done all of the above?



If you actually have done the above, then congratulations!

You are NO LONGER a beginner. You have advanced your knowledge and you can now move into the Intermediate section.



You are intermediate if: You know that there’s some money to be made, and you are starting to see how you might get a piece of it, because you have some good basic skills.
– You know how to register a domain name and you have one (or more) domains
(You’ve done this through http://www.threemoneymethods.com/ideas/domain or on your own.)
– You know how to get a hosting account and you have one (or more) hosting accounts
(You may know how to point your domain name at your hosting account)
(You’ve done this through http://www.threemoneymethods.com/ideas/powweb or on your own.)
– You know how to get your FTP information from your host
– You know how to build a basic web page
– You know how to upload a page to your hosting account from your computer
– You know how to get to that page from any web browser, anywhere in the world
– You know how to post a picture on your site
– You know how to link two (or more) pages together so that people can navigate your site
Congratulations for making it this far! You really are doing great!

Now, at this point, you need to make a decision about what you’re going to work on first.

Is WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com going to be a site that:

A) sells one product (let’s say an ebook), and the whole goal is something like this?
Step 1 – Visitor sees an ad or search result at Google
Step 2 – Clicks the ad/search result from Google
Step 3 – Gets to your opt-in and put in their name and email on your opt-in page
Step 4 – Successfully arrives at the page that thanks them for opting in and tries to sell them the book
Step 5 – Clicks the link to buy the book and go to the Payment Processor
Step 6 – Makes a payment and gets redirected back to the site
Step 7 – Arrives on the payment confirmation page and downloads the book

B) Is it going to be a site that has a bunch of content and uses that content to drive the traffic to affiliate products, ads, and possibly your own product as well?

If you are not yet started on your own product, (or even if you are,) becoming an affiliate marketer and marketing other people’s products would be my recommendation for getting started.

It’s the easiest road (I think) for getting going and learning the ropes.

But producing a bunch of content for free, and attempting to have people buy other people’s products, isn’t necessarily for everyone.

You need to decide which you are going to do first. It’s not a final decision, and you can always do both, but working on both simultaneously when you are getting started will likely drive you a bit crazy.

So, go watch this video (you’ll have to click the link about 1 minute into the video to watch the rest of it – didn’t know what I was doing when I made it).

If you decide to do B, will explain the value of using a content management system.


(Oh, and you can ignore the huge sales pitch on the end of the video too… Whoa! I really like Dave’s stuff, but didn’t realize what a sales pitch I was giving.)

These skills are the basics.

If you can master these simple skills (or at least understand how they work), you can have success online.

And with that, I offer you my congratulations.

You are no longer a beginner.

So what now?

The next steps are going to really change the picture of Internet marketing for you.

You’ve learned the basics.

Now we begin more advanced steps (we’ll take it slow and step-by-step)

  • How to get your content management system set up
  • How to publish content in a way that is more simple than what you’ve just learned (but still using the skills you’ve just learned)
  • How to use your contact management system in your web site
  • How to make money with other people’s products
  • How to make money with your own products

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