Lesson 7 – Add A Link

Adding a Link

Now, go back to the “design” screen in your WYSIWYG editor.

Type a sentence.

If you can’t think of one, use this one: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.

(Not that important, but interesting to note, is that this sentence is a pangram (a phrase that uses all the letters of the English alphabet).)

Then highlight any word or combination of words in that sentence.

Once you have highlighted the text, add a hyperlink.

Your WYSIWYG editor may be different, but all have a function to Insert –> Hyperlink.

How to insert a hyperlink on a web pageSo, either look for a button with little chain links on it, or look for it in the menu.

Hyperlinking is a common thing, so it should be easy to do inside of whatever program you’re using.

When in doubt, highlight some words, and then right click.

See if it comes up in that menu after you highlight a word.

For your link, type in http://www.google.com, or http://www.threemoneymethods.com.

Click OK.

Save index.html.

Go back to your FTP program and upload the file you changed (by adding a link to it).

Go to http://www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com/

Refresh the page.

And there you will have a page with (a) picture(s) and a hyperlink.

Once you’ve done this, post below and say

“I DID IT! I built a page with a picture and a hyperlink, and BOTH ACTUALLY WORK!”

NEXT(After Step 8)

We move on to bigger stuff.

However, these are the basic steps.

This is kind of like learning a dance – you always learn the basic step in any dance.

You can and always do come back to that basic step, and everything builds out from there.

Or, if you prefer a different metaphor, these “tools” you’ve just learned in steps 1-7 are your hammers, nails, and screws.

There’s nothing that exciting about hammers and nails.

But nearly every structure in western society is built using some form of them.

Congratulations on being a person who takes action!

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