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Title Tags, Keyword Tags, and Meta Description Tags

Welcome back to another edition of Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesdays! I am your host Jonathan Kraft and here to talk with you today about Title Tags, Keyword Tags and Meta-Description Tags. So initially, back in 1996 and 1998, they started creating ways to organize websites. To actually be able to access the websites and know what they were about, they created these things called Title Tags, Keyword Tags and Meta-Description Tags.

Let’s just do a search on Google for … “make money online.” It’s a very common, popular term and gets a lot of searches. So here we see a few different things on Google. I’ve sized down my screen so this is really big. You see on one side we have the sponsored links and also up top here we have the sponsored links. “Make money online;” “make money online fast;” “make money online.” These in the orange are sponsored links and these on the right-hand side are also sponsored links. That means that someone has paid for those links. But then, if we scroll down here, we have “makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com;” we have “entrepreneurs.about.com;” we have “moneymakers.blogspot.com;” we have “team-schuman;” “forbes;” “financial planning;” “Carlo Cab.”  I have been on Carlo Cab’s website before and I know he’s got some really cool stuff on here so I’m sure that he’s done a good job with his description tag, his title tag and his keywords tags.

So what we’re going to do is go ahead and open this in a new tab and I’ve sized it up so you can see it. If you look at this website, we have Carlo Cab, and what we’re going to do is go to View-Page Source. Inside of the page source here you can see a few different things. We have title tag, “make money at home with a 13-year old;” “make money online;” keywords tag, down at the bottom here we have a description and a keywords tag; description: “discover how a 13-year-old made money online. Make money online topics include Blogging, Internet Marketing, AdSense and a lot more.”

And you then see underneath there he’s got a meta tag and the content is “make money online;” “make money from home;” “make money at home;” “blogging;” “make money blogging;” “internet marketing.” He has very good keyworded description, title and keywords tags.

So those three tags look like this: if you were looking at a webpage from scratch, here’s what you would see: html and /html (end html). You don’t really need to know all of this stuff either, because if you’re using WordPress or Movable Type or some other Content Management System (CMS), they handle a lot of this stuff for you. But you can use what you’re learning here to make sure that it’s actually being handled correctly. You do have to learn a little bit in order to have the kind of success that you want to have online, but you can use the tools; you just need to double-check to make sure that its doing what you want it to do for you.

So this is what a basic structure of what a website would look like: you have turn on HTML, turn off HTML. You have a header which carries all kinds of description stuff, information about a website, you have a /header and start the body, which is what you actually see on the webpage, and then /body.

Inside of the header tag, you have title and /title. You also have meta, content=”whatever” and / that.

With meta tag in the header you don’t have to go /meta.

It just knows automatically that this carat (>) ends the meta description. Then you also have a meta and content=”whatever.”

So if you were going to build a page about “make money online” it would probably be a really good idea to make the title of your page “Make Money Online.” Probably a really good idea in the description is to say something about “making money online is relatively simple.” Keep it short here. “Learn to make money online.” The keywords=”make money online; money online revenue;” whatever your page is about.

So here’s what I want to go back to Google and show you; you go back over here and we’re going to leave Carl Ocab’s website here. Go back to our Google search for “make money online.” See how this says right here in the title tag: “Make money online. Make money at home with a 13-year-old.” Well, what does that look like? It IS the exact same thing as Carl’s title tag. “Make money online” <break> ‘Make money at home with a 13-year-old.” That is what actually shows up in the search results, the title tag to try and bring people back to your website.

Now if we go “discover how a 13-year-old made money online.” “Make money online topics include Blogging, Internet Marketing, AdSense and a lot more.” What does that look like? Well, if we go in here, we can see in the description “Discover how a 13-year-old made money online.” ”Make money online topics include Blogging, Internet Marketing, AdSense and a lot more.” It’s the exact same thing! The thing that shows up in the search engine optimized results to bring people to your website is the meta description and the title tag. So you want to make sure your title tag and your description tag really help people to want to come to your website.

You’ve got to do a really good job of writing description tags and title tags that make people want to come to your website. Sometimes I’ll use a word like “What — I can make money online?” You might be more interested in coming to a website if it actually has some appeal to you. If you’re reading along through the search results and you’re like, “Make Money Online;” “Making Money Online;” “What — I can make Money online?” If that showed up in the Top 10 search results here, wouldn’t that stand out a little bit more? Possibly; it might make you want to click and come to that website.

Now there’s a whole art to getting to the top of the search results; but one of the things that it includes is writing really good title and description tags. The keyword tag is not used so much anymore; but I still put it on the page just because I think it’s good to have on there. But what started happening is that people figured out that they could get ranked for things like “Brittany Spears Naked” and stuff like that that people are looking for a lot! Even though their page was about mortgages, they decided to put “Brittany Spears” and “Paris Hilton.” Back in early 2000, 2001 and 2002, if you think about really popular search terms around that timeframe, people were actually putting those in the keywords tag and they were getting traffic for that even though their website had nothing to do with that.

Well, Google now ranks websites on about 200 factors. So you can’t just keywords stuff into your keywords tag here and hope that you’re going to get results. They don’t use this keywords tag so much anymore; but I still think it’s a good thing to have.

Now I want to show you both inside Movable Type and WordPress, they have it setup so that you can automatically put this stuff in there. There’s a plug-in for WordPress called the All in One SEO Pack plug-in that you can download and put into your WordPress installation and I’ll show you what that looks like on our GreenJoyment site.

So if I’m logged into my GreenJoyment store here and I create a new post using WordPress and I scroll down the page here, I have a space for an excerpt which could also become my description; but I also have the All in one SEP pack down here at the bottom. And you can see I can write a title tag, a description tag and a keywords tag for this post. Those tags actually show up on the different posts that I’m writing.

I want to make sure that the title tag I write matches the actual content of whatever I’ve written in WordPress to actually help to try and get that ranking for whatever it is I’m talking about. Writing a really good and very interesting title tag will actually help to bring people to the website and also will let Google know that yes, in fact I am talking about GreenJoyment; we might be talking about inverters or something or how to make your own solar panel. And so if I’m talking in the content about how to build your own solar panels, I’m going to be talking in the title tag about “how to build your own solar panels.” Then the description would be “build your own solar panels … Three Simple Steps.” You want to make sure that what it’s actually about comes first in your description and your title tag.

I’ll show you the same thing inside of our Movable Type installation. These are just different Content Management Systems (CMS). I think we’ve talked already about Content Management and why you should be using some sort of Content Management System.

This is for my Strive4Impact site and I have an excerpt, keywords and a tags title done in here. Well the excerpt becomes the description inside of Movable Type and the keywords become the keywords tag.  But you want to make sure you’re writing a keywords tag, a description tag and a title tag that actually match the content of your post and bring people back to your website for what it is that you’re actually talking about. That will help you get placed well in Google and other search engines for the things that people are looking for.

We’re going to talk later in another video about how to find out what people are looking for so that you can actually talk about those things! But it’s really important to know when you’re writing posts and when you’re building web pages, you really need to pay attention to the description tag, the title tag and than also, to a lesser degree, the keywords tag.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you just go and look at your webpage, just look and see, do you have a title tag, a description tag and a keywords tag? If you don’t, either hire a programmer or learn how to do it yourself, but make sure those things are showing up in your posts so that you can actually start getting search ranked for the things that people are looking for and for the things that you’re talking about.

Like I said, we’re going to do another video about how to find out what people are actually looking for so you can talk about it. But your homework out of this video is to go and find out, do you have these things on your web pages; and if not, get them on there as quickly as possible because this will help you to get traffic from search engines automatically and at no cost to you!

Thank you for watching the Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesday! Stay tuned, we’ve got more great videos coming and more great training to learn how to make money online and build a business that let’s you live the life of your dreams!