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How To Get Started Online: A Note From A YouTube User

Here’s an email I received on YouTube, and my response about how to get started online with YouTube videos:

Hey whats up bro, i was wondering if you could help me out a bit on making videos on youtube.. n explaining to me what i can make money on youtube… i been watching n i am subscription to your channel, can u help me start off.. i want to start making game play videos as well. thank you, and my email is ….. . i would really like the help if possible . thank you

My response:

Hey DJ Shadez,

Thank-you for your compliment on my videos!

Unfortunately, my time is really limited…

I have consulting clients paying for time, and as much as I’d like to help you in a really in-depth way, my time is really stretched.

However, here are some quick recommendations for you…

  • On your computer, you should have a program called Windows Movie Maker. Start playing around with that, make some videos, and upload them.
  • Download a program called FastStone Capture. It’s free for the first 30 days and then a one time charge of $19.95 after that.
  • Get a good headset so that you can record audio well. Here’s my favorite affordable headset ($38 or less): http://www.strive4impact.com/ideas/sennheiser-pc-141
  • Basically your total cost to get up and going is about $55, but you can even get started with just Windows Movie Maker.

Let me know when you’ve uploaded 5-10 videos, and I’ll come check out your channel and offer some additional tips at that point.

Thanks DJ!

Kind Regards,
Jonathan Kraft