Lesson 5 – Learn to Upload

Uploading using FTP

  1. Upload the index.html page from your computer to your public web directory in your hosting account.
  2. (This could be called /web or /htdocs or /public_html, depending on where you’re hosting.)
  3. Then, go to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com.
  4. Then, go to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com/index.html

To upload, drag and drop files from your computer to the server.

How to upload files - move files from left to right

3 thoughts on “Lesson 5 – Learn to Upload”

  1. Theodore, you rock! Awesome job! Have you figured out why “The Lazy Dog” link doesn’t work yet? I’ll give you a hint…


    See how it’s looking for the file on your computer?

    You want to substitute:
    file:///C:/Users/Theodore/Documents/Work/the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html for http://www.thejourneytoabetterlife.com/the-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog.html on your index.html file.

    Let me know how that goes for you…

  2. Well ,
    I’ve got a domain and i’ve been playing around with word press and some static web pages.
    The domain is freestuff.co.il and the first idea was to do a blog for freebies in israel but now i have so many ideas im working on several things at once.

    You really helped me alot so far and i hope you’ll help me more 😉


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