Lesson 5a – More Help For Building And Uploading

Usually, about this point, someone emails me, or calls me, and says something like “Oh my! This is challenging.”

You can do it, in spite of your inexperience.

Everyone making money online started somewhere.

You are starting now, today.

So you are going to build a single web page.

Do NOT get caught up in what to put on the page.

Some clients of mine will say things like:

  • “I have so much I want to say, but I don’t want to say too much!”
  • “What do I put on the page?”
  • “Do I build a long sales letter?”

The answer to these questions is NO.


Type the word hi when you build your page.

That’s not hard, right?

So here’s another metaphor for you.

(I told you I use them a lot to help you.)

“The things which are my obstacles now
are the EXACT things which will hold me up
if I slip on obstacles going forward.”

You’re about to embark on the most exciting journey ever… the journey up the rocky side of the mountain.

There are two ways to climb the mountain called “Anything you want to do in life”

You can either climb up the smooth side, or you can climb up the rocky side.

On the rocky side, it’s hard.

There are lots of obstacles.

You have to go through a lot to get to the top of the mountain.

So, why should you climb the rocky side of the mountain, when climbing the smooth side is easy?

Because if you take the smooth side, where the going is easy, with one false step you will slide all the way back down to the bottom of the mountain.

On the rocky side, the things which were your obstacles, become the things that hold you if you slip.

Make sense?

Remember this metaphor whenever the process seems difficult.

You are building your future footholds in your online money making career.

If you skip these steps, you risk sliding easily to the bottom of the mountain.

Once again, here is the step-by-step plan for you.


1. Download and install FileZilla.

2. Do you have a WYSIWYG editor?

You might have

  • Microsoft FrontPage,
  • ExpressionWeb, or
  • Dreamweaver

If you do not, go download a free WYSIWYG editor.

1. Step 1: Open your WYSIWYG editor.
2. Step 2: Create a new basic HTML page.
3. Step 3: Save the page as index.html
4. Step 4: On index.html, type the word “hi.” (That’s it! Don’t type ANYTHING ELSE!)
5. Step 5: Save index.html to a folder on your computer where you can find it.
6. Step 6: Upload it using FileZilla, or whatever FTP program you are using. (Note, your web host might have something called CPanel. You can use the FTP in your web host’s CPanel in the future. Also, most WYSIWYG programs have FTP capability. BUT, YOU want to learn how this actually works. So for this time, use Filezilla.)
7. Step 7: Connect to your hosting account using Filezilla. You will need your FTP address, your username, and your password.
8. Step 8: Upload the index.html file (which only has the word “hi.” on it). You do this by dragging and dropping your saved index.html from wherever you saved it on your computer to the inside of your public_html or /web folder or
/htdocs folder. Web hosts do this differently, but you want it to go in the folder where you store your public web pages. If you need to, call your host and ask them what the file name is for where you should put your “public HTML” files.
9. Step 9: Go to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com, and look at your web page.
The web page is actually at www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com/index.html.
But, the page can be accessed by going to www.WhateverYouCalledYourNewWebsite.com, because the default page in any folder is index.html.
You should see your index.html page displayed there.
10. Step 10: Once the page loads, look at the “hi” on the page.
11. Step 11: When you’re done with that, post here on ThreeMoneyMethods, and say “I DID IT! I built a page and uploaded it!”  (And of course, if you want, post a link to your new “hi” page.)

Got it?

Keep everything about this as simple as possible for yourself.

This isn’t about writing copy or building a perfect page.

Just like what we talked about with registering a domain, this is not about finding what’s perfect.

This is about learning how to build a page and then uploading it.

You might do this WRONG.

You MIGHT mess it up.

That’s how you learn.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing.

The best way to get good at something is to get through being bad at it.

It’s worth doing it right, it’s worth doing wrong, it’s WORTH DOING!

Don’t worry about it being “right”, right now.

Once you’ve completed this step, comment and say:
“I DID IT! I built a page and uploaded it!”
Check out:

And then make sure it’s linked so that we can check it out and congratulate you!

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