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Blog Commenting: Video 2

Hello and welcome back to Three Money Methods Traffic Tuesday! This is Jonathan Kraft and today we’re going to be doing a follow-up on last week’s conversation about blog commenting.

I got some feedback from the video and I love that feedback – it’s so great to get some feedback from people as far as things I can do better and ways I can help you better. So definitely keep the feedback coming in!

I wanted to make this follow-up video for the things that people have wanted and requested. So here’s what we’re going to do; one of the things somebody said is, “I don’t really understand what you did with that whole Google Reader thing. How does that work exactly?”

Ok! Well here is my gmail account. Let’s say you had logged in and this is our ThreeMoneyMethods [AT} gmail. By the way, don’t send us email here – I will not get the email if you send it here. By chance I might pick it up, but chances are not good! So don’t send us email here; if you want to send us an email, use the email that came to you with this content.

If you want to log in, so what we’re going to do here is we’re actually just going to log out of this gmail account – well, I’m logged in. I’ll take it that you can figure out how to go to or go to Once you’re logged in there, you’ll see that there’s a place you can click on up top that has a little thing that says, “Reader.” Alright?

Inside of Reader here, you can go into Google Reader; this is all of my items from last week in Google Reader. If I click on Settings in here, this is where you are going to upload the OPML feed that I gave you last week with all of these blogs; it’s about 260 marketing-related blogs that you can just upload right in this import/export tab. What you’ll do is you’ll click “upload” and you’ll find the OPML file, it’s an XML file that you downloaded from me. You’ll upload it right into here –you’ll click “browse, you’ll find it on your computer and then you will upload it clicking this button.

Once you do that, you’ll go back to your Google Reader and you’ll see inside of Google Reader that you now have all of the exact same blogs that I have that I’m posting comments on. These are some of the top marketing blogs on the internet.

You can also add your own Google Reader items by adding a subscription. You’ll just type in www.”whatever”.com – whatever the web address is and Google Reader is going to go out and try and find a feed at that website.

You don’t have to know all that stuff; feeds and how does RSS work – you don’t have to know all of that. Just take the OPML feed, upload it and start commenting on other people’s sites.

I love the feedback from people going, “Hey, I’ve been commenting on other people’s websites and I’ve been getting some traffic to my site – it’s cool! I love it! Thanks so much!” Love that feedback! It’s really cool that people are actually taking action on the information.

The other comment I got from people is, “Hey, you know Jonathan, this sounds great, but I don’t have 30 minutes a day to go and post to these websites. Isn’t there someway that I can have someone else do that work for me?” Well, two things to be aware of: yes, is the answer to that question; the other thing is what you’re doing when you go out to these other websites is you’re building relationships. If you’re comfortable with someone else building relationships on behalf of your business, then yes, absolutely you can have somebody else go and post comments. You could pay them or here’s what I figured out, you can actually just hire an intern. There are a lot of people looking for internships in the internet marketing space. So what I’ve done is created a job description for someone who wants to go and post on blogs. What I want to do is find someone who is a Marketing Blog Commenter and I will give you this text too actually – just because I’m a nice guy.

This is actually the text that I wrote to go find somebody and you’ll have to pay to find somebody; yes, you’ll have to post an ad on Craig’s List which at least in my big city here in Denver, is $25. But if you find somebody good, isn’t that worth it — all the time you could save? So Marketing Blog Commenter … here’s what the ad says:

“First 30 days unpaid intern needed. If you enjoy reading and learning about marketing, especially internet-related marketing, this may be the internship for you. I need someone to go and read marketing and business material at a variety of blogs and news sources online ….”

You get the idea. Here’s the deal, in here I’ve posted “you must be wicked smart, detail-oriented, a great communicator, trustworthy, hardworking, adaptable, insightful, native English speaker.” Look, I want to weed people out. I don’t want to have someone coming through my business saying, “hey, ya know, ummm, yeah, this was a great blog comment …”

No! I want somebody who rocks! I want somebody who will go and actually post really creative, really unique comments. I’ve posted up at the top, “first 30 days unpaid, I need an intern – somebody who’s going to work for 30 days for free.” Then, if that person’s good:

“the first 30-45 days this work will be an unpaid internship at which time, if there’s a mutual fit and the work you’ve done has been done in a quality fashion, we will negotiate an hourly rate not to exceed $9 an hour.”

There are so many people in the world who would love to be paid $9 an hour just to go and read and post comments. There are so many people who would love to do that. And where do you find those people? Well, one great place is Craig’s List! You just go log-in to Craig’s List, create an account at Craig’s List, post a new ad; you’ll see it’s very easy. I’m posting a new ad in Denver because that’s close by to where I live, but you can post an ad anywhere. I’m “Offering a Job” …. “Denver” …. and I’m looking for an internet internship … let’s go “Marketing/Advertising/PR” … there’s my current total, it’s going to cost me $25. Then I’m just going to post the ad right inside … post it or paste it. Compensation: I could just copy and paste from here.. “First 30 days unpaid; $9 an hour after that … up to $9 an hour. Contact From – I don’t know Contact From is … I’ve never seen that before, that’s new to me. Telecommuting is fine; part time is good; it’s contract-type work; it’s an internship and that’s fine.

I will go ahead and click Continue here and there’s my post: “If you enjoy reading about marketing, blah, blah, blah. Wicked smart, detailed-oriented, funny is a plus, if you’re not familiar with RSS/Google Reader,” all my apostrophes turned into funny characters which stinks because then I need to go back and edit it, but otherwise this is my job posting and this is where we’ll find somebody, on Craig’s List. Craig’s List will then send me emails when people respond to this ad. I’ll get emails from people who are interested in the ad.

So that’s really all you have to do to find somebody to do this kind of work for you. And you will get responses from posting this job posting if you post it in a busy market where people are actually looking for this kind of work.

You’re going, “well I don’t want to spend that kind of money.” You have to spend some money to get someone’s time or you have to use your own time to get the money! Those are your two options.

At any rate, here’s what I’m giving you: this whole job description is yours at If you’re not reading this on the blog, then you are not seeing this text; but you can come to and put your name and email in and I’ll be happy to give you this text in exchange for you having come to the website, and putting your name in here. You can also learn a little more about me and my background and what we’ve been able to do because of our internet businesses. But what you’ll do is just come to the website and put your name and email in here. Then you’ll get that OPML feed for free that I mentioned and you’ll also get the text for this job posting via Three Money Methods.

So I hope that makes sense, but seriously, by doing this blog commenting, you can drive so much traffic! I had a day in the last week where I had 50-plus visits just from going and commenting on other people’s blogs. It’s just not that hard and it just doesn’t take that much time.

By the way, yes I am interested – if you’re a person who wants to be paid $9 an hour and is willing to work for the first 30 days for free to go and post comments on behalf of Three Money Methods and they’re good comments, I would love to talk with you further to see if this would be a mutual fit for us.

Thank you for watching the video and be sure to come back – next week, we’re going to have another great video from Three Money Methods about how to really drive traffic to your website and how to start generating revenue from the traffic that you’re bringing in.


Blog Commenting: Video 1

Alright, so here is a quick video about how and why you want to do blog commenting. So basically, here’s the idea. Lots and lots of people have blogs, in whatever industry or arena you are working inside of. In this case, I’m going to show marketing blogs, but you could do whatever you wanted to do as far as whatever your industry is in going and commenting on other people’s blogs.

So what I did was I actually hired somebody to go and to find blogs dealing with marketing. They went out and found all these different websites; they came back with a list of the Top 200 websites in terms of traffic and ranking for me and I loaded them into a Google Reader account.

So I’m going to go in and log into my gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account, you could set this up on your own, get a gmail account which is free.

But basically all I did was … I went in and set up an account for our Three Money Methods site.

If I click on “Reader” once I’m logged in here, by the way, don’t send email to ThreeMoneyMethods at because I won’t get it – I just don’t check this account for anything. But if you click on Reader inside of here, I’ve loaded all of the blogs in here. I actually had somebody go in and add subscriptions to all of these blogs. So they just went through one by one and added subscriptions to the blogs.

So I can click on “All Items” inside of here and I can read the most recent posts, today’s a Saturday, so there won’t be many that are too recent, but I can read the most recent posts about whatever people are talking about within the marketing arena.

So, “Which CMS do you use?” Which Content Management System do you use? I’ll go ahead and open the link in a new tab and scroll down here; I’ve got a new tab opening at the moment; “Giving Affiliate Marketing another Go,” this is a guy who’s trying to do Affiliate Marketing, I’m opening that in a new tab, “AffMeter List of Supported Affiliate Networks Grows” … “Photos from my 27th Birthday” … ok, maybe we’ll post something in there … “Learning Specificity in Marketing.” Ok, I’ve got four tabs open now; you can see these here, “Which CMS?” “Giving Affiliate Marketing another Go.”

So, I’m going to go ahead and go to the first one here, “Which CMS do you use?” Inside of here, “Which CMS do you use,” people use WordPress, blah, blah, blah. I’ve already commented on this site, so you can see that my information is already in here. “Hey, I use Movable Type and WordPress. I like Movable Type because it allows multiple websites from one installation, but I like WordPress because there are so many great tools for it that people have created.”

Maybe you don’t know anything about Content Management Systems; so read the post and learn about it from whatever they’re saying here and then comment something that’s relevant to the discussion that’s going on. I just happen to know already the answer to the question, “What CMS do you use,” so I’m going to go ahead and post this comment. “Thanks for talking about your WordPress experience though. Good to know why other people choose the CMS that they do. Warmest, Jonathan.”

Sometimes, if I’ve commented on a website before, I will put my web address actually in the comments if I know that it’s going to show up on the website. If I don’t know that it’s going to show up on the website, I won’t put my web address in here because I’ve already had the opportunity to put it in up here. I’m just going to shorten this down, MoneyMethods online and that’s it. “I use Movable Type and WordPress, blah, blah, blah.” I’m going to go ahead and “Submit Comment.”

I’m going to do the same thing on this post, on this post, on this post and on as many other posts as I can, or want to, inside of here. Now again, you want to actually make comments that are relevant to what people are talking about. Number one, you’re building relationships with all the top people in your arena and number two; you are posting links to bring people back to your website. But first and foremost, you’re building relationships! So you want actually to post something that’s relevant to what they’re saying inside of their post.

The reason I want to show you this here is if I go into my Google Analytics account, I can show you the difference between posting blog comments and not posting blog comments.

So I’m going to go log-in to Google Analytics here and we’re looking at Three Money Methods inside of Google Analytics and this is just referring sites that referred people just to the front page of Inside of here, you can see, I’ve got pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic (laughs), pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic; all this no traffic, no traffic, no traffic. Hey, then one day it jumps to five and three and three, and look at this! Thirteen visits and the vast majority of this is coming from blog commenting! All I did was go post some comments on other people’s well-trafficked websites, to actually add some conversation to the discussion and become part of what’s going on in the community.

I posted this day, I posted this day, posted blog comments. I don’t even think I posted any on this day and I didn’t post any on this day. But hey, look! I posted a bunch this day and I brought in 20 visitors basically to my website that day. I didn’t post any Thursday and I didn’t post any on Friday, but I’m still picking up residual traffic from the work I did on Wednesday!

All you have to do to bring people to your website is go and post comments on other people’s websites that are already getting traffic! Become part of the conversation of what’s going on in your industry and your arena and you can actually bring traffic back to your website to get them to do whatever you want them to do on your website!

Now the only thing you can do on Three Money Methods, when people come to this page, the only thing they can do is actually put their name and email in; they either go away or they put their name and email in; now I’ve done that on purpose. But whatever goal it is that you have for your website, you can use blog commenting just to bring people to the website.

So here’s the deal; I have three different lists that I have put together – the top 200 blogs. I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “green,” I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “travel” and I’ve got the top 200 blogs in “marketing.” If you will come to and put your name and email in, I will give you what’s called an OPML feed to just upload automatically into your Google Reader; so you don’t have to go through the process of hiring somebody to find the top 200-250 blogs and then put them into your Google Reader, all you have to do is download one file from Three Money Methods website after you put your name and email in, just download this file and then upload it into your Google Reader and you’ll have all of those blogs already sitting in your Google Reader for free, from me just in exchange for putting your name and email in here at

Go ahead and come to the website – I hope this tip has been very helpful for you. Posting comments on other people’s blogs is a great way to find out what’s going on in your industry and your arena and it’s also a great way to get people back to your website to do whatever you want them to do once they’ve actually come to you to find out more information about what it is that you do.

So, I hope this has been very helpful — definitely come visit us at Three Money Methods for more great tips about how to do online marketing!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch this video.